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Post Apocalyptic Cosplay

Post Apocalypse Cosplay has always been popular.  It might not be considered a “proper” form of our costumed players but it is none the less.  And why indeed is it so popular?  Well the present world sucks doesn’t it?  Despite the slim chances that somehow you would survive it when there are plenty of well trained military folk that would probably eat you for lunch.  One does dream of casting off the confines and responsibilities of our present society particularly in this case since Silvie Thomas seems to be casting off her top in the middle of a firefight!

Despite being an odd thing to consider when one is fighting for her life.  Perhaps she was simply hot.  Or operated on the assumption that whomever is trying to kill her would be mesmerized by her magnificent tits long enough for her to subdue her stalker. 

Of course all is fair in love and cosplay porn and we can sit on the sidelines and watch those now freed breasts bounce from the kick of the gun. 

From Action Girls
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Action Girls

Furry Cosplay Porn

Generally I don’t get furries.  At least in their purest form of people in animal costumes banging each other through holes in them.  However if presented with a hot Japanese cosplayer in a adorable bunny costume, as long as I can get to her sweet pussy I am in there. 

Here we have quite the example of this. What they are doing their little song and dance for I have no idea but in the world of cosplay porn I guess it doesn’t matter.

Fortunately there is a bunny lover lurking in the shadows and somehow blackmails (probably with shame) her to bend her hot little ass over and get the cosplay fucking that she deserves

from JCosplay
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Power Rangers Porn

What indeed Dear Reader would Cosplay porn be without the venerable Power Rangers.  While it has for years delighted children with its action and jumping I am sure there wouldn’t be a male cosplayer around that wouldn’t have pounded the hell out of the yellow or pink rangers.

In their form fitting suits and flexible acrobatics they fly though the air to defeat whatever dastardly foe in a strange rubber suit faces them.  But what indeed happens when they are caught?

Well apparently they are stripped of their tight vinyl suits and dressed in something more fitting for a female power ranger.  A short skirt and nice white panties that the monsters can easily molest them. 

Tied down this ranger is mercilessly fucked  by her tormentors with her only hope to be saved by the other rangers.  But not before the evil monsters have their way with her. 

From Cosplay Site
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Cosplay Site

A Blowjob for the Queens Guard

It must be good to be the queens guard.  Particularly in the world of Cosplay Sex where hot cosplaying girls get fucked silly.  Now being the Queens guard isn’t all that its cracked up to be Dear Reader.  Standing guard for long periods of time in all sorts of weather the boredom must be mind numbing.

But as with any job there are perks.  Aside from what the Queen demands you are more or less free to do whatever one wants.  The cosplaying townfolk will cower in your mere presence and there are quite a few fair maidens to ravish at your leisure.

But what for the discerning cosplayer who wants some action in his life.  Thankfully in the wild untamed world of  adventure is just a mere walk in the woods where barbarians lurk ready to strike.  Thankfully the Barbarian hordes have plenty of horny women ready to suck cock!

Clad only in their traditional leather gives one easy access to her nether regions so she can feel your hard cock pound her mercilessly.  No  struggling to get though the many layers of a fair maiden’s clothes of the period.  Just easy access for some hot Cosplay Sex.

From Whore Lore
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Whore Lore

Pokemon Porn

I highly doubt Ash would have a hard time wondering who to fuck if May looked this good.  In her form fitting outfit May strips for us in one hell of a display of cosplay porn.  Now of course we cannot forget the cosplayer that is this hot piece of ass.  Our model goes by the name of Gogo and has been delighting fans with her pokemon cosplay since 2007.  At 28 years old this girl is simply stunning and with that outfit any straight cosplayer would be trying to bed her.  To not would be insane!

As for the character she so wonderfully plays,  May is of course a Pokemon Coordinator from Petalburg City.  She met Ash in Hoenn and began traveling the world with him entering quite a few competitions.  I do not know about you my friends but if this hot piece of ass met me at a competition I would throw it for a chance to stick my dick into her hot little snatch.  It gives a new meaning to “May’s Pink Suprise”.

Of course there is always team rocket to contend with but I am sure she would be very satisfied with my rocket!

From Cosplay Erotica
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Cosplay Erotica

Resident Evil Porn

There is nothing that gets a Cosplayer’s blood flowing than a good dose of the zombie apocalypse.  What could be better Dear Reader than to spend the rest of ones life surviving in the wasteland that was once our home battling the reanimated dead with a thirst for human flesh.  Particularly if you live near a military base and can get some serious ordinance to kill the walking dead by the hundreds.

The only problem is of course women,  now they usually need to be protected and one cannot be too choosy about one’s mate with 90% of the population reduced to brain eaters.  But what if you came across one that had a penchant for both guns and bikini’s with the recoil often making the bikini becoming undone.  Now that is a apocalypse that I can relate to!

Which of course is the theme of our next batch of Cosplay Porn.  The Hot Silvia Saint don’s skimpy clothes and packs some serious heat to fight off the undead.  Killing while naked has never been so sexy.  In addition to getting fucked here and there in the wasteland.

From Action Girls
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Action Girls

Cosplay Orgy!

Things can get wild at Japanese internet cafe’s.  With gamers of both sexes playing hard and all dressed up as their favorite sexy cosplay character things of course can get hot and heavy.  Of course its advised to take a break from gaming and go get a room for some Cosplay Sex but what to do if you are in the middle of a raid in your favorite MMORPG!

Well you fuck right there that’s what.  The other gamers so engrossed in their online fight for their life will barely notice three hot cosplayers going at it with three guys. 

The only caveat is when you bend one of those female cosplayers over to fuck her from behind not to get in the way of the gamers blank stares at the soft glow of their screens

From JCosplay
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Wonder Woman Porn

If there was ever a super heroine I would want to fuck it would of course be the sexy wonder woman.  Now this hot little cosplay couldn’t hold a candle to Linda Carter but she will of course do.  Conceived in 1941 by DC comics, our warrior princess of the Amazon has been fighting crime ever since.  But it seems this week she has gotten herself in a bit of a bind.

With her bracelets impervious to bullets it seems that her pussy is not so impervious to getting slammed by a good hard cock.  And who wouldn’t want to with her prancing around in the tight form fitting super hero outfit.  Talk about easy access!

But what will our heroine do.  Does she lose the skills that her chastity begets her?  After all she is of Amazonian decent.  One indeed would want to know.

Seeing how hot she is,  I would indeed take that risk.  Though we would probably get our ass kicked in the process but it is sure as hell worth a good ass kicking to fuck a wonder woman cosplayer.

From Cosplay Site
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I Have Never Actually Thought about Fucking A Troll Before

In the world of Cosplay Porn all is possible,  Now trolls are generally depicted as rather ugly green things that guard bridges.  Hence I never really thought about fucking one before.  But should this green goddess be living under any bridge I cross I surely would give her a good hard bone.

Perhaps it is the Captian Kirk in me.  What’s wrong with fucking green women?  Green Cosplayer girls can bend over just as well as girls of any other color.  The horns on their heads might be bothersome but think of it as leverage as you pound the hot cosplayer girl from behind.

Of course communication might be a little difficult since I don’t actually speak troll.  And you always run the risk of pissing her off and throwing large stones at you.  But hey Cosplay Sex is not without its risks!

From Whore Lore

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Whore Lore

NCIS Abby Cosplay

If you are a fan of the show NCIS you are indeed a fan of Abby Sciuto.  The wonderfully nerdy and cute pigtailed forensic specialist portrayed by the equally cutie and nerdy Pauley Perrett.  The problem is while the girl is gorgeous she is just too awkward for men.  Well McGee anyway which I wish they would finally get back together.  But I digress.

Since we will not see Abigail naked anytime soon there is always Erotic cosplay.  With her Goth look and particular way of dress she is perfect for our cosplay fantasy which is brought to us by the equally beautiful Mea Lee. 

With such a dark cosplay style it is no wonder that Mea is indeed a fan of Eve Online and an avid Left 4 Dead Player.  Perhaps indeed one can find her online.  Though only in person you can see her cosplay sex appeal with her short skirt hiked up and her showing off her wonderful tits. 

From Cosplay Erotica
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