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Bladed Huntress Cosplayer Fucked in the Forests of Skyrim

I have been playing this game called Skyrim on the 360 for a couple of weeks.  Its truly an amazing game.  Rich detailed world and lots of dragon slaying.  Hey you can even get married!  The problem of course is that not only can you not have little ones but all your picked out wife does for you is cook!  Where is the fun in that!

It seems to me a forest land teaming with wildlife and hot huntresses would be a great place to get laid.  Even with dragons flying about and generally making a mess of things.  Since my assassin character can kill indiscriminately in these far and barren lands you would think there might be a hot chick or two to fuck while you are out on your quest. 

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1 comment to Bladed Huntress Cosplayer Fucked in the Forests of Skyrim

  • George

    Damn, wish they made a video. I wish they had more skyrim cosplays. Gives me a boner everytime, that woman cosplaying is very beautiful.

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